“Field Marshal Haig’s Own Pipes and Drums” (FMHOP&D), a Flemish Pipe Band “with a difference”, was born on November 10, 2013 as a result of the fifth Passchendaele Remembrance Concert, “Will ye come to Flanders”. What initially was planned as an one off group for a single concert, grew unexpectedly and in short term to be a real Pipe Band.

From the beginning, our formation chose the profile of a commemorative band. This choice was determined by the inevitable association with the story of the First World War in our region. The small village of Passchendaele, which acquired an almost mythical symbolism during the “Great War”, lies in the shadow of our hometown of Roeselare.

The band is named after British Field Marshal Haig, commander of the British troops on the Western Front from 1916 to 1918. Douglas Haig, a Lowland Scot, represents for us, all the men and women who were involved in the “war to end all wars”, regardless of which side they belonged to.

Since November 11, 2015, our group has been officially affiliated with the Black Watch Association, from whom the band received official permission to wear the “Red Hackle”. In addition, we maintain special relations with the 48th Highlanders of Canada and the Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association.

“Haig’s Own”, the nickname we received from befriended bands, and the name we wear as a honorary title, is a band for anyone with an interest in the world of Scottish Pipe & Drum Bands. And for anyone who wants to combine this with respect for the notion of “War & Peace “, from the historical aspect of the First World War. FMHOP&D is not a competition nor a re-enactment group, and warmly welcomes players who wish to combine membership with other groups.