Uniform en uitrusting


Most of the performances will be given in a military uniform that is based on that of the Scottish Highland Regiments of the First World War. Because we are a remembrance band and not a re-enactment group, we have chosen the specific Passchendaele Commemorative Tartan, rather than a military kilt.

As headgear, our pipers wear black Glengarrys, the drum section Tam O’ Shanters, both with the “Red Hackle”, the red plume of the Black Watch regiment. The flashes are dark saffron, this as a reference to the Irish regiments who also brought a number of Pipe Bands to Flanders.

By attaching specific pipe banners to the bagpipes, reference is made to the nations, regions or units who maintain a tradition of Pipe Bands or, from their origins or migration background, could boast of a Scottish tradition.

On specific occasions where a uniform in military style is less appropriate, a simple civilian uniform is worn with dark shirt and saffron tie.

The drum section plays, depending on the performance, on rope drums in old style or modern drums. Some members of the section follow historical tradition and are also trained bugle players.

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